As a senior, I am very pleased with the Sportscenter. Sportscenter has helped me lower my blood pressure and cholesterol, helped me keep my weight down, and helped me keep moving with fewer aches and pains.

Sally McCarthy, High Point NC

The hospitable greeting didn’t stop on the first day! Every time I receive a great welcome! The staff and facility are top notch. I have lost two and a half inches off my mid section, and have increased my strength thirty percent. I would recommend the Sportscenter Athletic Club to everyone!

Bill Shaw, Kernersville NC

Physical therapy offered little help! With my doctor’s permission (and blessing) I bought a membership with the Sportscenter. The inflammation has decreased, and I am confident that I will regain normal feeling and usage of my hip. The professionalism and hearts of this staff have made this happen for me.

Casey Girley, Kernersville NC

We both received a personalized evaluation and recommendation as to a specific exercise regimen. We have found the entire staff at Sportscenter to be very friendly and knowledgeable which help make the challenge of maintaining a daily exercise routine almost fun!

Dave and Beth Formisani, Kernersville NC

I haven’t worked out in over seven years. Absolutely love this place! Top notch equipment and very clean facility. Love all the different workout sessions available makes it easy, and very much tailored to individual needs!

T. Kent Brown, Kernersville NC

I am presently a U.S. Army recruiter, and this facility is excellent. It is as good as any army facility I have been involved with! The staff is knowledgeable and always helpful. I would recommend this facility to anyone. No matter what their fitness needs may be!

Sgt. Curtis Vance, Kernersville NC

I want to give thanks to the staff for helping me in my daily exercise. I am wheelchair bound and the staff is always around to help me with my routine. I would like to give a special thanks to Kevin Gillespie, Tiffany Sparks, and Chuck Overman. Keep up the good work.

Wesley Ray Bohannan, Kernersville NC

My membership to the Sportscenter has given me more than a new lease on life and wellness’. My flexibility, cardiovascular health, and strength have improved steadily due to my commitment to workout vigorously while I’m there. The club is always spit shine clean and the equipment is in tip top working condition. I love going there because the wellness spirit is positive, encncouraging, and always professionally managed and promoted!

Sue Jones, High Point NC

When I joined, I had recently come through heart by-pass surgery. One of the personal trainers agreed to work with me as long as it took to get me back on my feet. The trainer set up a program which I could do without her assistance. I have only good word for the staff and management of the company and have yet to have an unpleasant experience with any of them. I highly recommend Sportscenter as a place to keep yourself and family active and healthy.

Frank Rhoads, High Point NC

The facilities as far as my experience goes are state of the art and all encompassing. I can’t imagine what additional equipment could be provided. Everything is kept in A-One condition and when a problem does come up it is rectified soonest possible. The staff overall is about the best I have ever encountered. They are interested, courteous, knowledgeable, and have never failed to render assistance and information when requested.

Hal Danzis, High Point NC

I have been a member of Sportscenter for the past five years. I have taken time to check out the franchise gyms that pop-up around town. Sportscenter continues to offer so much more to their members than just weight lifting and classes. Having access to a wide range of exercising options keeps me from becoming bored and/or burnt out by doing the same work-out each week. That, I believe is the key to being successful in staying healthy and in shape.

Lori Boyle, High Point NC