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Please call (336) 841-0100 or email us if you are interested in more information or for our membership rates. We have many options without the high pressure sales.

We invite you to stop by and take a tour of our excellent athletic club and read testimonials from current members. Click below to contact our membership director, Chris King, for more information about the Sportscenter Athletic Club and how to become a member.

Contact Us or Call — (336) 841-0100

Membership Changes
Add or Drop Family Members from Your Membership

Membership Upgrading – Upgrades can be done at any time for 6 months or the end of your contract — whichever is longer.

Membership Downgrading – Member must not be under a contract. A 30-day notice is required on all membership changes. Contact membership director.

Change of Address/Phone Numbers/Email

Kindly update this information at the club. If you have any additional billing questions or concerns please contact the Membership Director Chris King at

Updating EFT/Bank Information

Members that are on a monthly draft may occasionally need to inform Sportscenter Athletic Club of changes or new account information. Please contact membership director to take care of this.

At times we are made aware of such changes prior to the member via our processing company and our software. Sportscenter will do it’s best to alert members at member check-in if they need to update their bank information.

Unfortunately Sportscenter does incur a fee when a member’s draft is declined and therefore such fee’s must be passed along to the member. Please keep this in mind when receiving notices from us so you can respond in a timely manner.

Membership Cancellation

A membership may be voluntarily canceled at the end of the contract period if it meets our cancellation requirements.

Cancellations must be done in person with the membership director. A brief form will need to be completed; witnessed by a staff member; and signed by the member. Membership cards need to be returned to the club at this time.

We require a 30-day notice on all cancellations. Cancellations are not accepted over the phone, via email, fax or mail. They are only accepted in person.

If you are under a contract, a cancellation request can not be accepted for any reason other than a move or a note from a doctor/physician. An acceptable move is where the member relocates more than 30 miles from the Sportscenter Athletic Club. Proper documentation will need to be presented to the club in a timely manner concerning proof of move or pending move. All documents must be current in date and must have your name and new address listed on the forms.

Any two of the following forms must be delivered along with your request to cancel: Drivers license, utility bill, credit card statement, bank statement, mortgage or lease documents, military orders, college tuition bill. We do not accept letters from your employer or school acceptance letters. A letter from your employer or a school acceptance letter must be accompanied by one of the above documents. Members who cancel but have a balance on their account will not be terminated until the balance has been cleared. Accounts 30+ days in arrears are subject to a late fee, automatic cancellation of membership privileges, and may be turned over to a collections agency for the amount due, interest, fee’s and other charges incurred.

**Please be aware that at the end of your contract your membership will continue on a month to month basis unless you, the member, request to terminate your membership in writing as indicated by our cancellation policy.

Membership Freeze

Membership may be frozen for a 2-month minimum and 6-month maximum. Request must be presented to the club at the time you wish the freeze to start and not after. Freeze will begin the day prior to your normal draft date and open the day prior to your normal draft date. Refunds/credits will not be issued for non-use of the club because of a non-reported medical condition.

For additional details contact the membership director at or call us at 336-841-0100.